Nowadays, having your personal attorney isn't less important than having your own doctor whom you can trust completely. The attorney also takes care of your health as difficult situations and various problems are often become the reason of stress, which has a negative impact on your condition.

Appealing to an attorney, you are going to have a number of advantages:

  • Currently, only an attorney can be an advocate of a person who is being brought to criminal or administrative responsibility, including, the examination of cases when customs regulations are violated.
  • Expenses incurred by the participant in the business process for the payment of the services of an attorney are collected by the court at the same time as the judgment is rendered, when the issue of distribution of legal costs is resolved. The costs associated with payment for the services of other professionals in the field of law do not fall into the category of legal costs in the economic process and their collection may be problematic. A similar practice takes place in the civil and administrative process.
  • An attorney in the exercise of his professional activity has the right to demand from any state bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations the documents necessary for him o her, to receive written opinions of specialists, to collect other evidence. This right is enshrined in several normative acts and corresponding judicial practice.
  • An attorney's secret is protected by law. Law enforcement authorities may not have access to information and documents kept by an attorney or his staff and related to the execution of client's orders.
  • The attorney in the relationship with the client is bound by the rules of ethics. The client has the opportunity to appeal against the actions of the lawyer who violate these rules to the appropriate disciplinary body.