Dota 2: Guide on the Hero Jakiro

This hero is usually taken as a support but by itself it can stand up to the line and ruin the life of any midor. He also perfectly shoots the line due to massive skills and ability, which after one strike continues to burn the tower for a while. However, by itself, Jakiro is rather weak, he is not able to kill in a solo, however, in a mass brawl, his abilities greatly interfere with the enemy. Learn which abilities he has to use them in order to increase dota2 team ranking.

Things You Should Know about Jakiro

Jakiro sets fire to the ground and burns for a long time, with Aganim the duration of burning is as long as 30 seconds. There are not so many abilities that could keep enemies under the burner in Dota. Moreover, many of them are much shorter than the ulta Jakiro. The same Chronosphere Voida lasts only 6 seconds. With it, you can perfectly zone the enemy in a fight, because no one wants to attack the fire. It is also a good idea to get out into narrow aisles, where the enemy will have no chance of escaping from a very long line of fire.

The remaining skills of Jakiro work on the area and greatly slow down the speed of attack and movement. To demolish the tower on your own line for this hero is not difficult. And as mentioned above, this hero is one of the best midars in 1-by-1 mode; he cannot kill as well, but it is almost impossible to stop him pushing with one hero.

Since this hero is usually taken as a support, then you will be courier and wards. If you manage to collect some money, Vale of Discord and Eul will be perfect. Eul will help guaranteed to put the enemy in the ice wall, and Diskrod will increase the damage from magic. Also, other standard Support artifacts such as Glimmer, Force Stafa and the like will be good.

Abilities of Jakiro

  • Dual breath. At first the area is fired by fire, then an icy dragon head. Opponents will be set on fire, their attack speed slows down by 40 units, and movement speed by 40% at the last level of pumping. This skill can be maxed, if you stand in an aggressive triple, it will help pick up the heroes who have surrendered. It is also needed to more effectively hit the freeze, which has a solid cast time.
  • Ice path. This ability with a stretch can be called a reliable databel, the fact is that it is applied to the area with a delay and if the enemy looks at you, then it will not be difficult for him to move. In order to get it better, you must first slow down the enemies or wait for the camp of the suznik. You can even download the first, if the team a lot of damage, but not enough control.
  • Liquid fire. This is a switchable ability that ignites everything around the target. Opponents will take damage, and their attack speed will be slow. This ability works on towers, that is, you can set fire to an enemy tower and it will lose health for a while. He sets fire to the earth for a while, enemies take damage when they are on fire. Damage is done quite large, it can not be ignored. This skill improves with Aganim. Then, the fire will last 30 seconds and cause more damage.

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