Services provided:

  • Debt Financing:
    In today's difficult economic situation, many enterprises face a problem when creditors refuse to increase the terms and amounts of deferred payment, and debtors delay payments and insist on increasing the amount of receivables. One of the options for resolving the question of replenishment of current assets can be debt financing - a service of that allows obtaining financing for one of the existing assets - accounts receivable.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:
    Merger is the union of two peer companies. Acquistion is the redemption of one company by another one. The purpose of mergers and acquisitions is synergy, i.e. advantage from joint activities. Legal assistance can be required in matters of tax planning and preliminary restructuring. Assistance in tactical planning and structuring of transactions related to mergers and acquisitions is also provided. Necessary consultations in the matter of reducing transaction risks, including advice on compliance with foreign exchange control requirements for foreign investment. Legal assistance in support of transactions, including preparation of offers. Assisting in conducting various types of negotiations regarding the documentation of transactions (preliminary contracts, purchase and sale agreements, merger agreements, escrow agreements, etc.); Assistance in obtaining various permits from regulatory authorities, which are necessary when concluding transactions; Assistance in representing the client's interests in relations with regulators.
  • General corporate counseling:
    corporate advisory services ensure the growth of customers seeking a better understanding of domestic and various international markets and industries in which they work to improve the financial environment for the benefits of all the major stakeholders. Corporate consulting services include: analysis and consulting on business valuation; creation and analysis of business models and financial models; financial expertise, estimation of unquoted investments in accordance with the International rules for the assessment of direct investment; debt analysis and structuring; identification and evaluation of transactions; assistance in acquisition or alienation strategies; conducting operations in the capital markets.
  • Equity Financing:
    Financing through the issue of shares is one of the main ways to attract additional money. The attraction of funds is carried out through private placement and initial public offering of shares, this type of placement is called an IPO. The choice of tools, through which the company will operate, is determined by the goals and objectives of the company at every stage of its formation. Clients may benefit from the professional consultation concerning the business plan and the financing strategy.
  • Technology Licensing/Commercial Agreements:
    Preparation and support of license agreements at all stages, starting from the analysis of the potential market value of inventions and ending with the protection of the Licensor's rights during the entire duration of the licensing agreements. Preparation of presentation documents and agreements on non-disclosure of confidential information. The commercial activity of any organization is impossible without the preparation and conclusion of commercial contracts. The verification of contracts is conducted with the aim of confirming the compliance of the contract with the existing norms of legislation. Professional legal assistance is needed at the stage of preparation of the draft contract in order to maximize the interests of the parties and minimize possible legal risks. In addition, legal support of commercial contracts is a guarantee that the interests and safety of your business are reliably protected by the terms of a legally competent contract.
    Legal support of commercial contracts at the stage of preliminary preparation of the draft contract allows to reduce the risk of occurrence of disputable situations in the future, as well as significantly reduce the tax base, avoid problems with tax authorities and prevent the possibility of litigation.
  • Employment Counseling:
    This type of service includes the legal help required for the conclusion of the agreements between employers and employees, the consideration of any issues, which may arise in the process of signing separation agreements. Any necessary legal assistance in the presentation of the company/workers. The complex of services for the legal support of employment counseling includes legal advice and assistance in drawing up competent contracts, legal support until the conclusion of the contract, representation of the company's interests in concluding contracts, disputes arising from failure to comply with the terms of the contract of one of parties.