Tips on How to Choose Items in the League of Legends

In the League of Legends, there are a lot of items, the choice of which depends on which champion you play for, what class he is in, what is the situation in the match and how strong are your opponents. Items have different prices and stats, as well as various active and passive effects. A vivid example of a subject with a passive effect is the Edge. It is mostly going on shooters and gives a good bonus to the rate of physical damage. In addition, it gives a 20% critical hit chance. The passive effect increases critical damage by 50%.

A vivid example of a subject with an active effect is the Zhonya Hourglass. It gathers on magicians, gives a good increase in magic damage, and also gives armor, which helps against teams with strong physical damage. The active effect makes the character invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. You become inaccessible to any incoming damage and other effects, but you cannot move. Every beginner should learn these details before moving from playing to betting on with many pros.

Things You Should Be Aware Of Choosing Items

Before choosing items, you need to know that each champion has the recommended set of items in the store, which is advised to follow as a newcomer to the game until you have less or less learned the items and bonuses they give to champions. Items are collected from individual elements, which also give you a gain of indicators, so you should carefully consider where to start assembling this or that object.

In addition, do not forget to look at the objects of opponents through TAB, to know what they are vulnerable, and what are weak, and what should be the emphasis. Separately, among the items you need to note the so-called seeing stone, an item that allows you to map totems that illuminate the area around and give you the opportunity to see the enemy on the map. An upgrade of a stone to a ruby seeing stone will increase the number of charges to five, but at the same time one champion can put on the map only three ordinary totems and one seeing totem. A seeing stone is a must-have item for all supports, and almost never is taken on other characters.

League of Legends gets new patches every two weeks. Before releasing the patch to the main servers, it passes the two-week testing phase on a special PBE server. Each patch includes balancing edits, fixes for new bugs, new images for champions, and sometimes champions themselves. In addition, thematic events are often held in the League of Legends. For example, on the Chinese New Year or in the winter, in honor of the traditional new year. If you were careful when reading the information on game items, you will do everything the right way!