Tips on How to Recognize Text from the Image

What to do if you need to recognize the text from the image or scanned text, but there is no suitable program on the computer? Should you install special software? But it requires a lot of time, and most of such software is paid. Check if there is any other way to convert image to text quickly and effectively.

Use a Free Online Service to Get Text from the Image

There are many 100% free online services that quickly recognize text from any image and allow you to download it as a file. As a source, you can use the pages of books, faxes, recipes, photos, screenshots, etc. For text recognition, you can download the documents themselves from a computer, and provide links to them on the Internet. The source formats that are accepted by almost any program are such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PBM, PGM, PPM.

There are tools, which support for more than 60 languages, among which are English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Recognized text can be saved and downloaded in formats: Text (txt), Microsoft Word (doc), Adobe PDF (pdf), HTML.

You can edit the recognized text in Google Docs or in the tool itself. As you can see, the possibilities for free service are more than impressive and quite sufficient for ordinary needs. Now let's look at how to recognize text from the image using such programs, most of which work according to one and the same mechanism.

How to work with the service? Everything is done very quickly in three simple steps. Stages of work are:

  • Uploading a file or specifying a link to it on the Internet
  • Specify the text language in the picture
  • Pressing the Extract Text Button

After the text is recognized, the additional option buttons will appear. Additional block of buttons

  • "Download" - download the document in one of the formats
  • "Translate" - translate into another language
  • "Edit Google Docs" - make edits in the online editor

Are There Any Service Limitations?

All limitations of the service are only systemic in nature and are as follows: upload image size should not exceed 10 MB; the service does not recognize handwriting; has no restrictions on the number of downloaded files and the number of downloads. All features of the service are absolutely free and available without registration.

With the help of the online recognition service, you can recognize the online text from the image (scan, photo, etc.), translate it into another language, edit, save and download in one of the formats (txt, doc, pdf, html) for free. Everything is done quickly, clearly and without installing additional programs on the PC. It is the easiest way to get the desired result within minutes.